P Internally Heated

P internally heated

The Type “P” Internally Heated Dryer is our best performing dryer with lowest dewpoints.


  • Internally heated - Not in contact with Desiccant
  • -40°F to -100°F and lower dew points
  • 100-4,000 scfm
  • Digital display solid state control board
  • NEMA 4 Construction
  • Filter package options

The Type “P” Unit is our workhorse unit that can be customized with PLC, SPECIAL VALVING and many REGENERATION OPTIONS.

                P Standard

                • Dry Product or Separate Source of Regeneration

                                PC blower purge

                                • Utilizes Atmospheric Air for Heating Cycle for Zero Air Loss
                                • Cooling uses Dry Product Air to avoid Dewpoint Bump

                                                  PE Closed Loop

                                                  • Custom Design with Blower, Cooler and Separator. Zero Air Loss Internal Heat Dryer.

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